Explore the future of content approval with GoProof

The creative proofing process has long been due an modern upgrade, and finally it’s here: GoProof is an Adobe Creative Cloud tool that takes all the stress and hassle out of getting your creative work approved. 

No more messing about with exporting PDFs and confusing comments in email chains, this is an easy-to-access, online space where all stakeholders can view, give feedback and approve creative proofs. Thousands of creatives and clients across the world are already using it, and it’s totally free for collaborators. 

With GoProof, proofs are viewed in an online space

The traditional approach has been to export a PDF when you want to share a design concept for review, and then wait around for another PDF to export every time you make a change. That means waiting around for your designs to export. Not only is this a frustrating time-suck, those precious minutes are also unbillable.

With GoProof, proofs are viewed in an online space. That means no PDFs floating around different email threads, no confusion about who has seen what or which version you’re talking about. Everyone is connected to the same proof – no stress, no misunderstandings. There are a number of particular features that make it especially great for designers. Read on to find out more. 

Creative proofs made easy

A special extension means you can integrate GoProof directly into Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator CC, making it ideal for designers and illustrators. You can send proofs out directly from within your favourite design programme, with no time wasted at all. And don’t worry – your collaborators don’t need to be Creative Cloud members to view the proof.  

GoProof provides an environment that is geared up towards creative collaboration. Rather than confusing email threads, all parties can comment directly on the shared content, making for a much more open environment. All collaborators, from freelance designers and in-house creatives to brand guardians and creative directors, can view the proof, add notes directly, and engage with the design process for free. And if you want to direct your comment to a particular team member, just @-tag them. 

GoProof integrates seamlessly into your Adobe apps

Text changes can be the bane of any print designer’s life. GoProof has a copy editor built into it; InDesign CC users can include text boxes in the proof, enabling collaborators to edit the text themselves in a previewer. Don’t worry, the changes won’t affect the original document – once the client has found an edit that works for them, they can request their changes direct from the designer. 

The basic version of GoProof is totally free to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a go. There are also upgraded subscriptions available that offer more storage and users. Visit the GoProof website now to sign up and experience the future of online proofing.

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