How to paint delightful miniatures

The origin of miniature painting stretches far back to the medieval age, when miniature artists painted exquisite portraits in watercolour on vellum and ivory. They used fine detail and painting techniques such as stippling and hatching to create layers of colour, in paintings measuring no larger than 6 x 4.5 inches. Many miniature artists today are still painting in the traditional way, but now miniatures can be of any subject and in a variety of mediums – oil, watercolours and acrylics, to name but a few. Vellum is still chosen as a painting surface, but now more artists are choosing ... Read More

Review: Screenprinting: The Ultimate Studio Guide

Screen printing is a welcome alternative for artists who want to take it slow and explore handmade. Whereas digital art gives creatives the opportunity to work quickly and produce perfect images, there's something about taking the time to prepare a screen print by hand that has a unique appeal.  Perhaps, as designer Anthony Peters suggests in this new book from Print Club London, screen printing has awoken a "dormant need to be among tactile, real objects." Set up in 2007, the Print Club London studio was founded on a relaxed ethos where artists could experiment and make mistakes. From humble ... Read More

Inside Aardman Animations

A recent Frubes animated commercial shows two characters, animated yogurts, fishing on a frozen ocean. One tries to freeze the other by sawing a hole in the ice, only to end up falling in the water and freezing himself. Aardman Animations created the Try Me Frozen campaign to promote freezing the children’s yogurt to make ice lollies. It’s a self-contained story, complete with a twist, a joke and a punchline, told front to back in under 20 seconds. It’s charming. It’s funny. It’s silly. It’s everything Aardman does best. The Try Me Frozen commercial shows animated yogurts fishing on a ... Read More

Illustrator’s Survey shows most got more work in 2017

Pursuing a career as an illustrator is the dream of plenty of creative freelancers. More often than not it's a chance to follow an artistic passion and to produce work that you're proud of. But what's life as an illustrator really like? To give you an idea, Ben the Illustrator has taken the industry's pulse with his Illustrator's Survey 2017. Having been self-employed in the creative sector for almost 20 years, Ben the Illustrator is in the perfect position to gauge the state of the industry. He's experienced all the ups and downs that the sector has to offer, so ... Read More

Become your own boss with freelance mastery bundle

Freelancers don't just have to be good at the services they offer, they also need to know how to market themselves. Being your own boss can be a rewarding experience, and now the Professional Freelancing Mastery Bundle can give you the tools you need to make your dream a reality. Get it on sale now for 98% off the retail price. There is a whole ecosystem of freelancers online who offer up their skills and services to those in need. Finding an audience can be tricky, as can building a reputation in an already crowded field. No matter what you're ... Read More

7 game-changing web design tools for 2018

With plenty of new web design tools coming onto the market each day, it's difficult to know what's worth your time. As a result, it's tempting for studios and freelancers to just keep using the same tools and processes, rather than exploring something new.  However, pick the right tool and it could totally revolutionise your workflow. In this post, seven top web professionals share the tools that changed their working lives in 2017. Why not give them a go this year? 01. React Native It's not just a web view wrapper React Native is a framework for building native apps ... Read More

5 best and worst brand identities of 2017

Is it really 2018 already? It seems like only yesterday we were looking forwards to all of the opportunities and design trends that 2017 had to offer. In a year that will be remembered in terms of design for its retro fonts and advances in VR, there were also plenty of rebrands and new logos to enjoy. One person who knows all about branding is Armin Vit, the design doyen over at Brand New. Popular for his coverage of all the latest brand identity work, Vit recently compiled a retrospective of the best and worst branding efforts of 2017. We've ... Read More

How to break out of your personal art bubble

There's been a lot of talk about filter bubbles and echo chambers lately, but these don't just apply to politics and online: anybody can become stuck in an echo chamber – and that includes artists. If you were surprised by Brexit, or the US presidential elections, then you'll know first-hand the limiting effects of being surrounded by those who share the same views as you. "It's a problem that impacts artists with different severity," says concept artist and illustrator Carmen Sinek. "Some people know what they like and are happy doing just that. Others lock themselves into a certain style ... Read More

The best computers for video editing 2018

You may have captured the most beautiful, unique or thought-provoking footage of a lifetime, but taking it home or to your studio with inadequate hardware can lead to enormous frustration. So choosing one of our picks of the best computers for video editing will ensure that you have the ideal tool to make your footage sing. Assuming you've got a permanent base for your editing, going for a desktop computer instead of one of our best laptops for video editing means that you get the benefit of better specifications for less money. And being able to work on a broader ... Read More

How to turn a 2D image into stylised 3D

Sometimes an illustration or piece of artwork just demands to be rendered and turned into 3D art, and that was the spark that ignited Media Molecule's Emilie Stabell to spend a year adding an extra dimension to a beloved 2D image. Stabell is fan of illustrator Sam Bosma, and in particular his concept Stability. "When I showed his illustration to a friend, I joked: "Imagine if I made this in 3D. It would be absolutely insane." Not long after that, I began modelling the first asset," says Stabell.  "The sheer scale of the project was quite overwhelming, though, so on ... Read More

Samurai Illustrations, Concept Paintings & Character Design Pieces

Samurai Illustrations, Concept Paintings & Character Design Pieces
Warriors come in many styles and the samurai is a notable choice. This design choice comes from Feudal Japan and still finds itself rooted in modern pop culture. These various samurai characters are brilliantly crafted with unique twists in each piece. Have a look over this gallery and see what catches your eye. Samurai Created by De Nguyen Samurai Sketch Created by Stuart Kim Tiger Samurai Created by Malwina Gornisiewicz Samurai Jax Created by Gustavo Torqueto Chubby Samurai Created by Fabricio Campos – Inspiration by John Polidora Ice Samurai Created by Dinulescu Alexandru Samurai Warrior Created by Maxim Margatskiy Night ... Read More

10 skills graphic designers need to get ahead in 2018

Graphic design is a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry – and the road to career advancement isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel as though you’re producing excellent work but not being rewarded.  That could be because, while you’re strong on core graphic design skills, you might be neglecting other areas employers are focused on. So what skills do graphic designers need to get ahead in 2018? Collaboration is king Before we take a look at the key graphic design skills that will get you ahead in 2018, it’s worth mentioning the importance of developing collaboration skills.  In a post-digital age, the ... Read More

10 stress relief gadgets

January can be a tough time; all that festive partying, darkened afternoons and chilly weather means that inspiration and motivation can often be more difficult to keep hold of than usual. This tends to lead to stress – and a lot of it – which, in turn, renders you unable to focus. But fear not creative folk – here we’ve pulled together some of the finest gadgets that aim to help you get back to your best self. From nature-inspired structures to electronic wizardry, explore the technology that could bring the calm back into your creative process. 01. Fidget Cube ... Read More

Best Online Digital Painting Courses To Go From Beginner To Advanced

Best Online Digital Painting Courses To Go From Beginner To Advanced
Digital painting is the new norm for entertainment art. Whether you want to create comics, characters, or insane concept art, you’ll want to learn digital painting. This involves learning two different skillsets: the painting software(like Photoshop) and how to draw/paint on a tablet. We’ve covered some great books on digital painting, but personally I think video courses are much easier. They offer step-by-step instructions where you can watch a professional work in real time. Many even have Q&A sessions or mentorships to help improve your skills faster. I’ve listed my top picks for the best online classes & courses to ... Read More

Ikea print ad uses pee-responsive paper

We've seen some weird and wonderful print ads on Creative Bloq over the years, but none of them are quite like this latest offering from Ikea. In an innovative move, the retailer has published a print advert for a crib that doubles up as a pregnancy test thanks to its pee-responsive paper. Seriously. Mum's-to-be are rewarded for their troubles with a half-price saving on the crib. Appearing in Swedish women's magazine Amelia, the print ad is the creation of agency Åkestam Holst in partnership with material technology company Mercene Labs. On the surface it looks like any ordinary ad. There's ... Read More

Diet Coke rebrands with slimline cans

It's been an eventful year for Coca-Cola. Only a few days ago it celebrated its heritage with a bespoke typeface. Now its team of designers are already at it again with this new packaging design and rebrand for Diet Coke. In fact, this is the biggest product and design overhaul undertaken by Diet Coke in 36 years. As well as a redesigned logo, which tweaks some of the famous cursive font elements the brand is known for, Diet Coke has also launched four new flavours. These include: twisted mango, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and ginger lime. The new flavours ... Read More

Craft the perfect portfolio in a day

Put your hand up if you haven't updated your design portfolio website for months. Maybe years? When you're working flat-out on final-year projects, freelance commissions or a consuming day job, sprucing up your portfolio can quickly drop down the to-do list. But it doesn't have to. The best way to approach your portfolio is to treat it like a client commission If you're a student, you can't afford to put your portfolio off; you need to be ready to leverage crucial opportunities. And if you're an established designer, it's just as important to maintain a fresh online presence. We know ... Read More

6 ways to turn free work into paid work

There's an old Yorkshire saying: 'If tha ever does owt for nowt, do it for thi sen.' For those who don't speak fluent Tyke, it translates like this: 'If you ever do something for nothing, do it for yourself.' These are words that all creatives should have tattooed on their drawing arm. Nothing you do as a designer is free. When you do free work, the person who pays for the work is you. You pay with your time, your experience, the money you spent on training, the bills you pay to keep your office running, your software subscriptions, your ... Read More