Choose the right words for your interfaces

Most of us use interfaces every day; the apps on our smartphones, train departure boards, maps, chatbots and even the control panels on our microwaves. So every day, we see hundreds of words without really reading them – words like ‘OK’ and ‘Defrost’ and ‘I confirm that I am over 18 years of age’. We don’t think about the words in these interfaces much, but they can have a powerful effect on usability, particularly the first few times we use an interface, or when we’re trying to do something new. If we skip over them, it’s usually a sign that ... Read More

The designer’s guide to using colour in branding

Colour sells. Whether you’re working with a product, service or space, the ‘right’ combinations of colours can influence how someone feels, thinks and behaves – with powerful results. According to a study by Loyola University Maryland, colour is registered by the brain before either images or typography. The same study found that colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80 per cent. So why, then, is brand colour so often dictated by the personal preferences of a client or committee? What are the ‘right’ combinations, and how can designers sidestep subjective debates to harness the power of colour more ... Read More

Airship Vehicle Concept Inspiration Gallery

Airship Vehicle Concept Inspiration Gallery
Custom airships range from futuristic vehicles to old-school medieval flying machines and everything inbetween. There’s a lot of creativity in vehicle design and this gallery proves it! After scouring the web I’ve put together this list of the best airship concept art designs I could find. Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration, an indie game designer working on a concept, or just a fan of artwork, this gallery has a little something for everyone. Steampunk Winter Airship Created by Lucy Freeman – ArtStation AES Brass Revolution Created by James Ng – ArtStation Imperial Convoy Created by James Ng – ... Read More

48 free tattoo fonts for your body art

In recent years, tattoo-style typography has become a big influence on all areas of design. As a result, there are now hundreds of tattoo typefaces available online for use in your projects, and many won't cost you a penny! But how do you find free fonts in a tattoo style that rock – the diamonds among the rough? We've scoured the web to find you the top free tattoo fonts for designers. And if it's tattoos you're interested in, take a look at our posts on the best tattoo designs and some more out-there tattoo art. 01. Serval This feline ... Read More

The best early Black Friday deals 2017

UK Black Friday deals Black Friday 2017 is less than two weeks away – and with it thousands of Black Friday deals for savvy designers, illustrators and artists. But bagging the best bargain isn’t easy when new offers are thrown into the mix and snapped up every minute. So how can you get your hands on the best Black Friday offers in the UK and US for creatives this year? The short answer is to bookmark this page: we’ll be updating it with the best creative bargains as they’re announced. From workstations to graphics tablets, 4k monitors, speakers, headphones, cameras ... Read More

Elf & Elven Character Art Design Gallery

Elf & Elven Character Art Design Gallery
A ton of work goes into character design. Concept artists who study character design get paid well and craft the characters you love from your favorite movies & games. There are so many different character styles out there to pick from. One popular style is elven characters combining traits from a human with an elf. This can result in some pretty wacky character concepts. And I curated a huge list of the best(and wackiest) concepts into this elven character art gallery. Enjoy! Wood Elf Ranger Created by Olie Boldador Elf Assassin Created by Circus Painter Malrûthaea Created by Devin Yang ... Read More

How to add drama to your pastel artworks

Great artists such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio inject their artworks with a bit of drama and intensity, creating pieces reminiscent of the beauty and intensity of stage lighting. Pastels are a wonderful medium to capture this sort of intensity, particularly as you can work lights over darks, so that your subject emerges from deep shadows. Good quality pastel drawings have rich, moody colours as well as luscious, soft lights, with high contrasts. In this workshop we're using a still life with shiny objects to show how to lay down layers of dark under-colours, then gradually introduce subtle hues to create ... Read More

The best Christmas gifts for graphic designers

Christmas gifts for graphic designers: Quick links Graphic designers can be the hardest people to please at Christmas. No way will they put up with some glittery mass-produced card from W.H. Smith's, and finding the right present for them is even tougher. Never fear, though, as we've searched far and wide to come up with a selection of designer-friendly Christmas presents that'll put smiles on their faces, and to make things even easier for you we've covered all the price points, from cheap and cheerful stocking fillers to overdraft-busting big presents. Happy shopping! Alternatively, if there's a budding designer you ... Read More

Battle Axe Weapon Gallery For Concept Art Inspiration

Battle Axe Weapon Gallery For Concept Art Inspiration
Every major battle game usually has weapons. From modern guns to classic swords or even magical staves there’s a treasure trove of virtual weapons to play with. In this gallery I’m focusing on battle axes with brilliant concept art from dozens of artists. Each piece links to the original design on ArtStation & you’ll find the full artist info underneath each pic. If you’re searching for cool battle axe designs then your search is finally over. Axe Designs Created by Amy Cornelson – Copyright © Beamdog Euron Greyjoy’s Battle Axe Created by Alex Pitt – ArtStation Warhammer Created by Connor ... Read More

The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2017

Black Friday 2017 is just two weeks away: are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year? If you’re in the market for a creative bargain but don’t have time to permanently monitor Amazon for the best discounts, fear not. We’ll be bringing you all the best Amazon Black Friday deals for designers, illustrators and artists – right here.  Whether you’re a studio owner, freelancer or work in-house, we’re on hand to help you make huge savings on everything from hardware (including workstations, laptops, Wacom tablets, cameras and more) to Adobe Creative Cloud, studio kit, design books, lifestyle ... Read More

The best Amazon Cyber Monday deals 2017

Black Friday might be the biggest shopping day of the year, but if you're looking for the best Amazon deals, then don't forget Cyber Monday 2017 – which this year falls on 27 November. Once again, we'll be rounding up the best Amazon Cyber Monday deals of 2017 for designers, illustrators and artists right here – and starting from now.  Rounding off a long weekend of shopping deals, Cyber Monday is a chance for budget-conscious creatives to grab a real bargain. And where better to shop for these deals than Amazon? With a range of products in one place, each ... Read More

5 best laptops for video editing in 2017

Having the right video editing tools can make a world of difference. That's why we've put together our pick of the best laptops for video editing. After all, choose the wrong one and you'll waste hours in post-production wrestling with erratic touchpads, squinting at pixelated images and drumming your fingers as your work slowly exports. These five fantastic laptops will make video editing a doddle. As well as our pick of the best overall machines, we'll tell you the best video editing laptops for a budget (under £500/$500) and at the mid-range price point (£1,000/$1,000). And whether you're a Mac ... Read More

Discover the latest updates to Adobe Creative Cloud

Next week, Adobe hits London to host its Creative Meet Up, and you don’t want to miss it. Join us right here on 14 November from 18.30 GMT (19.30 CET) for what looks set to be an unforgettable night of creativity.  The event has attracted some of the industry’s biggest names, with Nick Knight, Kelly Anna and Kate Moross among those taking to the stage. Attendees will also get the chance to see some of the latest game-changing updates to Adobe Creative Cloud. Talking the audience through these exciting new features is Principal Manager of Creative Cloud Evangelism at Adobe ... Read More

The best iPad deals for November 2017

If you’re looking to pick up a hot iPad deal this November, then you’ve come to the right place. Apple's unlikely to take much, if anything, off its flagship iPad models on Black Friday or Cyber Monday at the end of the month, but there are bargains to be had right now from retailers – and we've got the best ones right here.  iPad deals: quick links We’ll be working hard all month to dig out the biggest bargains from the most reputable retailers, and we’ll be posting them here as soon as they launch.  And if you're in the ... Read More

How to fight back against image fraud

Anger. Frustration. Dismay. Even boredom. The unauthorised use of imagery is taking an emotional toll on artists around the world, for sure. Every single day, artists like John Howe report on their Facebook page that their imagery has been used without permission. Prints, coffee mugs, T-shirts, aprons, pencil cases… you name it, pinched artwork appears in many forms on Etsy. Then there are those unscrupulous dealers who’ll scan artwork in and sell it as their own to publishers who should be buying work from the original artist. And the problem seems to be getting worse. Mike Lim's artwork, published in ... Read More

Creating Visionary Photographs (Coupeville, WA)

Creating Visionary Photographs (Coupeville, WA)
Students learn to take a concept, plan a photo shoot, and create the photograph depicting the concept. This process spans all types of photography, including wildlife, landscape, portraits, and art. The ... Read More

How to use reference images: 8 essential artists’ tips

If you are an artist learning how to draw and paint in a representational style, chances are that you have used a reference image in your work at some point. Having a photo reference can be a powerful tool. However, it can also hinder you if you don’t know how to compensate for the photo’s inadequacies and distortions. Every project is different, but these are the key principles you should follow to use references correctly. 01. Don’t copy the reference exactly  Don't be tempted to copy every pixel of a photo reference The temptation to copy every pixel of a ... Read More

14 brilliantly creative Christmas gifts for kids

Choosing Christmas gifts for kids can be tricky (and not just because we're this side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday). If you're tired of buying the little people in your life presents that become discarded just a few days later, then we've just the solution. Christmas gifts for kids: quick links We've scoured the internet to bring you some brilliant gifts that will really get your kids’ creative juices flowing. Whether they’re aged two or 12 (or 22), we’ve found Christmas presents for kids of all ages. We’ve covered all bases as well. From stocking fillers to under-the-tree extravaganzas, ... Read More